Ramesh Weeratunga


During the 80’s Ramesh was busy performing with his band Feel Wheel and working as a songwriter for various publishers and artists. Stars like Sally Oldfield, Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues and Ulla Meineke, the german singer, covered his songs. In 1990 he recorded his first solo album, Open Wide (Polydor). His world music influences still evident, the album went in a more pop direction than the Feel Wheel recording.

Ramesh’s style took yet more turns during the 90’s, when he began working with New York drummer Kenny Martin (Defunkt). Calling themselves Electric Rama, they recorded the funky album Go Deeper (Traumton Records 1996) with collaboration from trumpet player Joo Kraus. From there he went on to explore modern electronic approaches to traditional Asian music styles. The resulting album The Visitor (Laika, 2001), featering Indian classical singer Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay and Sri Lankan bamboo flute master Mr. Hempala Perera , reached the top twenty in the world music charts.

Since 1997 Ramesh  had worked for the  “World Music” Radio Station Radio Multi Kulti as a sound designer, something he later also did for the  WDR “world music night” Radio program. And he had built his own recording studio,  producing Jingles & Teasers, demos and numerous albums for other artists as well as his own. Among his works are several of Anna Tröke’s Yoga CD’s (Sony Records & G&U), Choir recordings, the CD“Lullabies of the world”. He worked as a producer for artists like John Vaughan, Jesse Ballard, Ron Randolf, Bob Williams,  The Shevettes and many more, all well known throughout Europe. A Ben Bishop EP, unfortunately never released, was one of his favourite works.

Within the first decade of the new millennium, Ramesh also released four CDs of his own: Flowing Power (with Ingo Bischof) The Visitor, This Is, Ramesh re-visited (Remix). In 2009 he shot a music video for his Bollywood style version of the country classic “Ring Of Fire” with film director Wolf Gresenz In Sri Lanka.

When in 2010 Ramesh was diagnosed suffering from the incurable disease Amyloidosis, his work was slowed down by periods of poor health and heavy medication. In between chemo therapies he still managed to finish his CD “Polka Dots” in 2012 and the music video “Hadany had a Heart". ...