Ramesh Weeratunga

Rel. date: January 23rd, 2015

With the release of his new CD, titled “Two People”, Ramesh B. Weeratunga
has completed a milestone of a recording, which features a dazzling collection of wonderful songs. Fans familiar with Ramesh's music will quickly find the new material to be more in a “chill” groove than many of his earlier recordings. This new CD is a musical high-light, brilliantly produced and full of Heart, Soul and Emotion.

01. Two People: A Love Song about departure. Very much heartfelt and touching. A special tribute to a loved one. Death is a prolonged deep sleep.

02. Madha: Majestic in its presentation. This catchy beautiful song was written as a teenager to his sister. Certain to be a favorite.

03. Moving Out: A song full of hope when in troubled waters. The music is haunting, & comes with a feeling of what the soul is all about. (Deep Stuff)

04. It's Allright: You can fully believe this song title and lyrics. Relax and breathe deeply. It's gonna be alright.

05. Berabu (The Sun): High on a mountain top, as the sun washes the world and the world rejoices. Let's go back to the future & worship the sun !! Guest on percussion: Rhani Krija (plays with Sting).

06. Healing Tree: East meets West in this magical, musical shuffle. An Asian writes a Country song. Are we melting !?



07. Medicine Buddha Mantra: A beautiful mantra for healing!

08. Mr. Hurry: Stay away from Mr. Hurry. His game is danger! Rather slip into this smooth groove and leave him far behind. Masterful vocal and musical performances. Featuring Momo Djender on vocals (worked with Sting).

09. Erotic Paradise: A delightfully cool, and jazzy swing track. Bizarre humor, warm sea breeze, coconut trees, crabs, tasty brass. An Asian entangled in jazz. Excellent performance & production !

10. The Dream: Great lyrics and a glorious arrangement. The string section will take you floating into a classical painting, which, in this case, is like floating into “The Dream”. A stunning and perfect closing song for the CD.