Ramesh Weeratunga


Singer/songwriter, composer, music producer and sound designer Ramesh B. Weeratunga was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1951. He grew up in a musically, intellectually and politically rich environment. His father, a lawyer and lyricist, introduced his son to both eastern and western literature while his sister studied dance, eventually becoming a professional performer and teacher. The household radio regularly broadcast traditional Sri Lankan and Indian classical music while his mother's voice, she was a nationally famous singing star, was also often heard. Inspired by this creative family Ramesh began singing himself at a young age. When the Beatles took the world by storm his curiosity for the "exotic" West was ignited. He formed his own teenage band "The Buggs" and started performing in small clubs...

... Ramesh, age twenty, set off for Europe, with less than 200 $ and his old white guitar. Headed for London to study music, he ended up in West-Berlin, famous for its creativity and tolerance. Intrigued by the city’s vibrant international music scene, he stayed to perform as a singer/songwriter for years.

By 1978 he had bonded with nationally known members of “Kraan” and “Guru Guru”, which led to his first recordings “The Düsseldorf Tape”. Recognized as a gifted and very unique artist, he then formed the band “Feel Wheel” and was signed to a contract with Ariola Records. The resulting LP The Beauty of Our Madness (produced by Udo Arndt) was ahead of its time, eclectic songs with influences as diverse as Frank Zappa, The Beatles and the eastern music of his upbringing. A prominent German music publication called the record the most creative album of the year.